My true passion in life is helping intuitive children and their parents teach their kids how to learn in the traditional school system.

I am a mother of two children and I know from experience how hard it can be for intuitive children to try and learn in the traditional school system.

Many children come home from school everyday with a headache or a tummy ache.

Many kids have a hard time learning to  read.  Most of them have  a hard to time comprending what they have read in class.  Even worse some kids can remember the text one minute and completely forget the material the next.  It's almost as if a different kid just walked into the room and took their place.

Most schools want kids to memorize their math facts within a minute or two.  Intuitive kids see no point in having to recite their math facts within a 1-2 minute time frame. Yes, they know their math facts but they just aren't interested in reciting them that fast.

The crystal children all have these big beautiful eyes.  These eyes just glow.  It's almost as though you can look into their souls.  They are all extremely loving and empathic.  Most of these kids are good artist, musicians, singers, and actors. 

Since alot of these kids can pick up on other people's energy they also get their feeling hurt and often feel misunderstood by others in life.

Alot of these kids are already very picky about their diet.  Many of  them will just look at something and automatically refuse to eat it without even trying it. This is normal.  Eventually as they get older they will probably become some type of vegetarian.

My goal is to teach kids how to grow up and have a happy healthy life.  Being intuitive is gift from god that is intended to be used to help others. 

If you schedule an appointment with me I will give you some great tools and techniques to help your child learn in school.