How much does a reading cost?
$100 for one hour or $60 for 30 minutes.

What services are offered?

1.  Psychic reading
2.  Business reading
3.  Energy healing mediation & massage
4.  Connecting with a loved one
5.  Psychic Life Coaching

What is an energy healing mediation & massage?

 This is designed to help releive some type of post traumtic stress, loss of a loved one, or a bad relationship which could be from your childhood, marriage, or current relationship or past relationship.
We work on clearing your blockages & opening up your chakras & releasing your stress which has caused anxiety, headaches & even illnesses.  We go directly to the root of the problem and or issue and release it.  When you go to a therapist you talk about your feelings.  When you come to me, we talk about it for a few minutes but then we release it.  We then enpower you to get over whatever lesson or issue you are having.  We also do a few short mind body & soul exercises that help boost your soul so that you will leave here feeling better. I also send you home with a soul exercise that will help you and your soul feel better. This option is only available for those who live in the Phoenix area.  You are always more than welcome to try & book an appointment over the phone but you will not get the full affect.