This edible fruit basket & card was sent to me after saving someone's life.  You see their doctor had prescribed a pill that taken for a long period of time actually shut down the person's nervous system.  As a result my client was unable to walk nor could the doctors accurately diagnosis the illness.

When I first received a call to help this young woman, I instantly said, "Oh I'm sorry that's not my specialty."  She instantly replied I'm a medium too and my guides told me that you are the one who can help me.  Western medicine hasn't been able to help me.  I said I don't know what I'm supposed to do.  She replied just work with me & I promise it will come.  Working with her ended up changing my life in a way I never imagined.  Not only was able to help lift her up and heal her mind but her body as well.  Thank you Alyssa for allowing me to go on that journey with you.
September 2009, 2014:

You Give What You Give Back:  Last week I received a phone call from a woman who said I had schedule an appointment with her.  I was completely thrown off.  I said I"m sorry I don't see it on my calendar.  I hurried up & thought about it but didn't see any emails or incoming calls from her. I thought it was odd.  She said no you talked to me on Friday & said you were busy.  I still didn't remember it.  Nor did I show she paid for her appointment in advance.  I asked her when she had mailed her check & of course she said the check was in the mail.  Long story short something told me to read for this woman & boy did she need my help.  Turns out the woman was about to be homeless & the business side of me kicked into high gear on how to help this person.

About a week later my friend came over to my home & brought me a gift.  When I opened it, inside was a very expensive dress from CACHE that I had tried on earlier this year but didn't buy because it was way too expensive. I just looked at my friend & said, "I can't accept that from you.  It's way too expensive."  She said, "Jill don't question the gift just accept.  How do you know I paid full price?"  I started to laugh & said knowing you someone probably gave you a discount right?  She laughed & said yes you wouldn't beleive how much I paid for that dress?  I said know how much?  She said it was only $20 after all the discounts."  As I was standing there still in shock I asked her why did you buy this for me?  I said what's the occassion?  She said nothing.  I just wanted to do something nice for you for all you do for me.

Dec 5, 2013:
I went home to a funeral a few weeks ago.  I had received a message about 7 months prior for someone who was related to my family. I wasn't sure whether to give the message or not.  It's not usually appropriate to call someone out of the total blue and say, "Hey I saw your dad last night.  He woke me up and had a message for your family."  While I was at the dinner after the burial services, my mom came over and told me Ruby would like to hear the message.  So I gave her and her family the message.  The message didnt' mean anything to me but it came them some closure and peace of mind.  Her daughter Amy Jo later sent me this thank you card for the message.
January 13, 2014:
Last summer I went to Universal Studios in Florida with my family.  We did not buy the skip the line pass.  As a result we had a horrible time.  The lines were extremely long that day.  In fact, we waited 3 hours just to ride one ride.  At 5:00 pm, I decided that I have had enough. I didn't even want to go to the theme park the next day.  Instead, I wanted a refund.  I brought my family to the guest service area.  When we arrived, there was a long line waiting outside.  In the distance, I saw this young girl who was on the inside opening the door, bending down, and looked like she was about to throw up.  I heard her crying hysterically like something horrible had happened.  At this point, I immediately zoned in on this girl & couldn't take my eyes off her.  She disappeared & went back in the middle.  When I finally got in the middle, I asked the guest service worker what happened to her?  She told me that she was this young Brazilian girl who was here with a tour group & that she got lost 2 1/2 hours ago.  She was waiting for her party to come find her. As I took care of my business at the counter, I watched numerous people go up to this young girl but I saw no one help her.  For some odd reason, I was compelled to walk up to her. I asked her what had happened.  She said she lost her party in the Harry Potter area about 2 1/2 hour ago.  The, she came here but no one can help her. I asked her if her tour party was wearing colored t-shirts which most group tours were but she said no.  Out of the blue, I looked her straight in the face & said I think I can help you.  She stopped crying for a split second & then went back to sobbing uncontrollably. I said I know this may sound weird to you at this point you have nothing to loose.  I'm a psychic medium.  If you let me hold your hands & describe to me what your tour leader looks like I might be able to go out into the park & find her.  First, I had to control her breathing.  After I calmed her down, then I had her described to me what the tour leader looked like.  Then, I immediately walked outside where my 2 kids were waiting. I said to them, "Listen up we are on a mission from god to help this young girl by finding her missing party & I think I know where she is."  My kids immediately jumped on board & followed closely behind me.  I walked really fast for 5 minutes straight up the main walk way at Universal Studios. I stopped right in the center. I took in a deep breath & said to my two kids. I know she is right here somewhere I said to my older daughter you look to the left & to my younger daughter I said you look to my right. Immediately my older daughter says, "OMG mom I think that's the tour leader."  Everything happened so fast.  In fact, it all happened within a matter of 6 minutes.  I ran over to this woman. I asked her a million small questions all at one time.  I then told her where she could go & find this young girl.  After she left, myself & my kids felt so good about ourselves.  Our entire day completely changed.  We went from having the worst time of our life to feeling like we just accomplished something really big in life.  That moment forever changed my life. You see my teacher/mentor told me that I had a really strong psychometry skill.  Yet, I never really beleived her. I thought I was just lucky but then again how lucky can one person possibly me?
Does your child often times complain about tummy aches while they are at school?  When you send your child to school does your child appear to be fine?  Then, as soon as they sit down and class begins their tummy starts to hurt?  Did you know that small children with intuitive abilities are very sensititive to other peoples energy.  Many children can not stand to be around negative people or people who are surrounding them with too much negativity in their life.  It's like a little light bulb goes off inside for your child that says somethings not quite right here.  Yet, they can't explain it.  Since they are very sensitive they explain it as my stomach hurts.  I have a tummy ache.  I bet if you took your child out of school by the time, you got home their tummy ache would stop.  Why?  Because as soon as a person is removed from a negative situation or person, the energy is gone and you will eventually start to feel better.
What can you do if your child doesn't feel better right away?  Have them take a shower.  The water will wash away the negativity.  As you are giving your child a shower and the water is running over the back of their head and onto their hair say this, "I wish away all the negativity and I purify those thoughts back out to the universe."
Now your child probably isn't going to be able to remember this so you will need to say this for them.  In a short period of time, your child will be back to being their old normal self and bouncing around and playing as usual.
KIDS & STRANGERS:  10/27/13
This weekend I was speaking to a woman in Canada.  She was explaining to me how difficult was trying to work from home as a single mom with an autism child.  She said she's had numerous babysitters but her daughter rarely likes anyone.  She was saying she literally has to force her child to go with that person.
Children are extremely good at being able to pick up on other people's energy.  Children can easily sense whether that person has good energy or not.  If your child doesn't want to go with a specific person then they are trying to tell you something.  Therefore, you need to listen up & pay attention to them.  Even very young children can sense bad people.
December 15, 2011

Sensitive Children

Do you know that many children who have the abilities to feel other peoples energies can not wear other peoples cloths?  They just can't.  Why? Well when you ask a kid they say it's uncomfortable.  When you make them put on a piece of clothing they say things like, "It's itchy, or it's uncomfortable."  One time we took the kids to the roller skating rink.  Another child had just returned the skates to the front desk.  The person working the front desk sprayed the boots and left  them on the counter.  One of our friends son walked up to the counter and grabbed the boots.  Now, I already knew in advance that this kids was not going to be able to wear those boots because he was very sensititve to other people's energy.  His parents on the hand really didn't understand what was wrong with their son.  They just thought that he was a little CORKY  at times.  Well I watched him put on the boots.  He immediately started saying dad the boots don't feel right.  His dad responded with what exactly is wrong with them.  The son kept responding I don't know.  I can't wear them.  The dad tried to force the son to wear the boots.  However, that didn't work out.  The son just sat their squirming in the seat.  There was no way he was going to wear those boots.  I saw that this was working him up.  I said politely to the dad and the son, I'll go get you a new pair of boots perhaps there is something wrong with the boots.  Instead the dad put on the boots went out on the ice skating ring did a feel figurines and then came back.  He said son there is nothing wrong with those boots.  The son crossed his arms and held is ground.  He said there is too and I"m not skating.  I then pulled the dad over to the side and said listen you know how I was explaning to you that your son is very sensitive?  He said yes.  I said well he can't wear other kids shoes or clothing because he can pick up their energy and it bothers him.  His dad just stood their staring at me and then said OH.  Maybe we should get him another pair of boots that have been sitting on the shelf for sometime?  I said yes that would be better.  He's not going to be comfortable with those boots.  The other kid just took them off and he can still feel the energy.
So long story short, we finally got his son a new pair of boots.  The new pair of boots had been laying on the shelf for quite some time so he was able to wear them comfortably.

Next, time you notice your child acting up when trying on someone elses  clothes or shoes there's a very good chance that your child may also be sensitive to other peoples energy.


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